Horse Care & Welfare


Horses are our partners. Together we can achieve success competitively and enjoy the positive experience of working and training. Every horseman wants their partner to have the best in care both preventive and critical care when needed.

ESG can provide veterinary expertise and counsel to ensure equine health standards conform to today's best practices. 

Competition Protocols

International competition requires specific health standards and protocols to ensure the health of all horses during the competition and afterwards. Navigating the health requirements can be complicated and stressful.

ESG can provide expert veterinary assistance and advice on how to meet international requirements.

Competition Services

Horse sports are about competition. In the arena, the partnership of horse and rider is tested and winners are determined. Competition venues and competition management are critical to an event's success.
ESG offers a full range of consulting services and operational expertise in all FEI disciplines. We are able to assist in pre-competition preparation, venue analysis, on-site operations, logistics, selection of officials and post competition close out.

Course Design

Course design is a defining element in the life cycle of an equestrian competition. No matter whether the discipline is show jumping or eventing the course must adhere to discipline's requirements, test horse and rider fairly, respect the environment and provide for the safest conditions possible.
ESG's consultants are experienced international course designers with expertise in show jumping and eventing. We can provide course designs for all levels of competition and onsite competition management.


Facility Design


Good results are easier to achieve when you stable and train in a properly designed equestrian facility. Using a design developed by architects who are horsemen can reduce the stress on staff and management. Comprehensive training facilities will create options to help you address every training challenge.
ESG can provide the best design team for every type of equestrian need such as: stables, training facilities, competition venues and site analysis.


Staffing Analysis

Stable and training facilities are complex business environments that work on thin margins.
To succeed financially, the management team needs multiple skill sets. Present day operations need individuals whose talents include: property management, operational expertise, financial training, marketing ability, strong interpersonal skills and a healthy dose of creativity.
ESG can provide develop a right sized staff plan to ensure the optimal operation of any equestrian facility.


Architectural Consulting Services

ESG has established working relationships with several leading equestrian architects.
The range of services includes:
  • Event planning
  • Competition site analysis
  • Business model analysis and
  • Community relations/fact gathering

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